Who We Are?

About Us

Welcome to Dove Tours .We are one of the very few most promising tour operators in India.From our inception , we have been concentrating on some of the most unexplored and exotic places in India and its culture,wildlife and multitude of adventures.we are recognised by the Ministry of tourism,Government of India (as Inbound Tour Operator), indian association of tour operators( IATO), Adventure tour operators association of india(ATOAI) and also by some of the best known International Adventure Travel Guide books .

We are one of the very few indian tour operator to be recommended by the BBC BOOK -“UNFORGETTABLE JOURNEYS TO TAKE BEFORE YOU DIE” and also by the well known UK published Adventure Guide Book -AA adventure Travellers : India ,Pakisthan and Himalayas,(see page no.88-to-87and 123). You can also know about us from french travel guide CAP AVENTURE (Inde et Himalaya) .Our biggest assets are our young,dedicated,professional tour Escorts/Guides/Staff ,who live breath and love the place we work in.

Extraordinary Experiences

We will answer your questions on history,culture ,religions,politics,and daily life and explain all the weird and wonderful things ,you will see on your daily travel.We think value for money does not necessarily mean being the cheapest.Our reputation has been built on the quality of our services.This means ensuring that all the ingredients are right ,not just the price.Even so when comparing like for like , you will find that no other company can offer a better value for your money as we do

Recognised by:
#Ministry of Tourism, Government of India
# Department of Tourism , Government of Odisha
#Indian Association of Tour operators .(IATO)
#Adventure tour operators association of India.(ATOAI)

Our Core Values

We work especially in Orissa,bengal, sikkim,Eastern Himalayas ,Madhya pradesh,Rajasthan,himachal,& kerala .But we can help you with your tours in any part of Indian sub continent, from nepal in the north ,orissa in the east,to Kerala in the south.We have our Representatives/ Associates/Agents in different parts of India,Nepal  and Bhutan to help you out with any ordeal on your route.You may visit India as groups or as individuals,we are aware about the difference in handling both .Be it the desert of Rajasthan,tribal area of orissa or foothills of the Himalayas,we are always ready to stand with you in any kind of situation.So if you are looking for an affable, knowledgeable and professional tour operator with experienced staff to help you out in India and nepal , then please feel free to contact Us.