Orissa Tribal Tours

Orissa Tribal Tours

Welcome to the tribal land of orissa.. The south western part of Orissa contains the largest concentration of tribal people in the sub continent.There are more than 62 tribal communities in orissa .They have retained their tradition alive inspite of the onslaught of the modern civilization.Visit to some of the tribal villages and participate in their dance and festival. Discover the original man-nature proximity trekking amid the deep gorges and rivers or during a ritual tribal dance on a fullmoon night.The soft mist of the outback, the local brew and a camp-fire make a leady mixture indeed. This is an adventure that offers unique experience which the visitor fondly remembers for years to come.

The antiquity of orissa is endorsed by her ancient people who continue to inhabit their traditional dwellings places in remote areas in the deep forests and hilly interiors .Steeped in the mystery that sorrounds their ancient ways , the orissan tribal continue to be a source of deep interest not only for anthropologists and sociologists but also for numerous tourists who flock to orissa in search of the exotic mystique of this relatively unexplored state.The tribal economy is by and large based on activities around the jungles .Food gathering , hunting and fishing continue to be the main source of livelyhood though some of the larger tribes such as santals,Mundas, and Gonds have become agriculturists.The Juang , Bhuyan,Bondo, saura , and dhruba tribes follow the shifting cultivation practice.The Koya tribals are cattle breeders while the mahali and lohara are simple artisans involved in basket weaving and tool making .The santal, Munda and ho tribals have now also become involved in the minning and industrial belt of orissa.Though their economy is shaky , the orissan tribals enjoy a rich and varied cultural heritage, the most powerful instance of this being intheir music and dance which are as colourful as they are rhythmical .The cycle of life offers numerous reasons to celebrate and is done so with vigour and grace., either in the privacy of family home or as a community activity.The changing seasons, religious customs, and the traditional rhythms of superstitious belief are strong incentives for creating a string of festivals to augment their importance to the tribals.The paraja tribe is primarily located in the kalahandi and Koraput regions of orissa.The language is is “parji”.They worship numerous gods and goddesses who live in the hills and forests.They love dance and music during weddings.The “soura” tribe is one of the most ancient and they are known for being marathon walkers, expert hunters and climbers.Personal hygine is of intense importance to them.The “Bondos” are fiercely independents , and continue to practise the barter system of exchanging produce from their fields for their daily needs..The kutias are the one section of the Kondh tribal community.Dongria kondhs , also another section of the kondh community are expert horticulturists and maintain a quite distinct cultural heritage. Orissa tribal tour  is organised especially for the people interested in the rich tribal culture , tribal art and tradition of the tribes of orissa.  Please note that Orissa tribal tour is conducted strictly complying with the responsible tourism guidelines.

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Tribes of Orissa :

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Orissa Tribal Tour
Duration 4 to 12 Days
Itinerary Covers Bhubaneswar, Chilika Lake, Gopalpur, Tatpapani, Chandragiri Craft Village,Baliguda,Belghar, Rayagada, Chatikana, Koraput, Jeypore, Anukodoli, Gupteswar etc.Tribes : Kondh, Langia Soura, Dongria Kondh, Bonda, Gadba, Paraja, Dhruba etc.
Transportation: Car / Jeep / Coach.
Accomdation: Hotels and Camps(Optional).
Note : Thursday-Bonda Tribal Market,Wednesday – Dongria Kondh Tribal Market.

Plan your trip to cover these places accordingly. You can combine this tour with any of our other tour programmes.Best time to Visit-september to April .Ask for Details.