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India , to the visitor is an everlasting  journey of discovery.A land rich with cultural variety where many civilisation flourished,kingdoms rose and fell—leaving behind an array of splendid historic attractions,majestic temples and sculptures making India your unique destination.

Discover the luxury of modern cities,,Experience the calm of villages,Explore the splender of exotic historic wonders,eternal temples, wildlife conserves,handicrafts and much more……….INDIA has something for everybody.Lets Come with us &discover the land of warmth,hospitality,traditions,and celebrations,……..

-Incredible India-

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Orissa,Assam,Meghalaya,Tripura,Sikkim ,Arunanchal pradesh,Nagaland,west Bengal ,Bihar,& Manipur are some of the most beautiful states in the eastern and North eastern sector of India. Orissa –kalinga or Utkala of ancient times– is an experience that is as sublime as it is aesthetically innervating .sorrounded in mystery for decades,it has slowly started unveiling its secrets to the outside world.For centuries now,the orissan golden triangle of Bhubaneswar -Puri-Konark has retained a vantage point on India’s pilgrimage circuit,since the jagannath temple comprises one of the four Dhams (holy places) for the hindus.But in recent times a significant momentum has been building up to explore the inner reaches of the state.Temples,sanctuaries,beaches and water falls ,hot springs and glorious lakes,wildlife life that is visually fascinating ,crafts that are colourful and vibrant and the numerous festivals that can take on a “jaggernaut” like momentum………orissa has them all and much more for U.

India’s western gateway is Mumbai , with a mjor international air port and harbour.The city’s rise from the dowry of a portuguese queen to the foremost sea port, commercial center and producers of films has been nothing short of meteoric.Mumbai’s gothic architecture is embodied in the gateway of India, Bombay high court , old secretariate, university buildings and victoria terminus. Open spaces in the crowded city include Chowpatty beach, Juhu beach, and sanjay Gandhi Natonal park, the later a fine wild life park at Borivili. Mumbai is the country’s premiere cultural center.jahangir art gallery attracts regular art exhibitions ; prithvi thetre is well known for its theatrical performances, and the national centre for performing arts periodically host indian and international concerts of music and dance.The city’s shopping embraces informal fashions and accessories at Colaba cause way, Antiques- at Chor bazzar, Gold and dimond jewellery at Jhaveri Bazzar, high fashion at Kemps corner,Bhulabhai Desai road and the air conditioned shopping plaza at the oberoi.

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Rajasthan,himachal pradesh,Uttar pradesh , jammu kashmir and Delhi are some of the most important states in the nothern sector of India.India's capital city ,Delhi is the second most widely used entry point into the country,being on the route of most major airlines.It is well linked by rail ,air,and road to all parts of the country.The remains of seven distinctive capital city -among them sahajahanabad and qutab minar- can be seen.Here , museums art, galleries and cultural centres attract the finest exhibitions and performances from India and abroad.Shopping encompasses virtually everything that can be bought in the country;hotels range from the deluxe to more modest .Most fascinating of all the character of Delhi which varies from the 13th century mausolea of the lodi king set in a sprawling park to ultra modern chrome and glass skycrapers , and from imperial india's parliament house and the president palace to the never ending bustle of the walled city surrounding jama masjid.Delhi also makes the ideal base for a series of excursions to neighbouring places ,all connected by road .

South India Tours

Tamilnadu, Andhra pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka are some of the most beautiful states in south India.Tamilnadu is a bastion of Hinduism, whose past and endures into the present . Temples with towering spires called gopurams are a common features of the state, seldom seen anywhere else in the country.Temples in Tamilnadu were the fulcrum of society and even today art forms that have their origin in religious worship continue to colour daily life. Notable among these are splendid bronzes of deities , paintings on glass and Bharata natyam, an evocative dance form.Mahabalipuram , Kanchipuram and Thanjavur are good examples of temple towns where within the temples fortifications grew a multi layer society that preached faith and grew from social harmony.Kanchipuram , also called Kanjeevaram, is famous throughout the country as the centre where lustrous silk sarees are woven . Likewise Thanjavur is an important cetre for bronze figure castings.Mahabalipuram, with its wealth of sculptures , is located by the sea side and has excellent resorts. The towns of Tiruchirapalli and Madurai also contain famous temples .

India Tribal Tours

Tribes are also known as "Adivasi" in India.You can find tribal people all over the Indian Sub-Continent . The total population of the tribal people in India accounts for almost 8.6 % the total population of India.More than 80% of the tribes are found in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Odisha( Orissa),Rajasthan,Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh,,Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal.Tribal people with very distinct culture and traditiosn are also found in the north-Eastern states of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh,Nagaland, Mizoram & Meghalaya.

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Responsible Tourism

At Dove we strongly belive that tourism plays an important role in the economic and social growth . There are however a growing number of concerns about the possible and actual negetive impact on local people and environment from tourism.At Dove we understand that Sustainable tourism is about protecting and enhancing the natural environment and resources for future generations, whilst at the same time ensuring long-term economic and socio-cultural benefits.Therefore as a part of our commitment to sustainable tourism , we prefer to utilise , local outfitters , stay in small scale , locally owned accommodation and frequent local shops for meals, supplies and crafts.

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Visit India , Nepal , Bhutan and the Entire Indian Sub continent with us . 


India is simply Incredible !Each state of India has its own unique culture & tradition, but the culture of India is a harmonious  blend of its varied cultures, religions,customs, and traditions.If you are a first time visitor to this country, we will suggest you to start your Indian Journey with a visit the North Indian States/Destinations : Delhi ,Agra, Jaipur  in order to have a glimpses of India and its Culture..